Is God Calling You to
Make a Difference in the World?

Come join a group of women who strive in their daily lives to be "vibrant and compassionate signs of hope in our broken world."

St. Marguerite d'Youville left her legacy - a spirituality of compassion and unwavering faith in a Provident God as a way for others to follow and make known in their lives. Her belief in the equality and dignity of all made her a champion of human rights.

As a Congregation today,
we are committed to:

. Solidarity with the poor
. Risk taking for the promotion of justice
. Contemplative stance - God is always with us
. Openness, mutual support and co-responsibility in the church and the congregation
. Sacredness of life

Through consecration of ourselves to God, we believe that we enter into a sacred and binding covenant. We dedicate ourselves, energies, time and talents to serve Jesus and those persons who are most in need. With faith, courage and creativity we shape new ministries in response to unmet needs in today's world within our mission of universal charity.

If you are interested in a ministry of St. Joseph Area, they are located in New England and include:

. rural parish ministry
. healthcare ministry
. prayer companions
. family shelters
. pastoral care with the sick/elderly/handicapped
. social justice ministry as an advocate for the poor and for our universe
. leadership
. vocation ministry



Join Us!
Share yourself and your talents as a Grey Nun!

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"Grey Nuns" Vocation Brochure (Part 2)